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If you:


  • want to be part of a growing, dynamic and fun team,

    want to look forward to coming to work,

    want to be part of a company that values its people, pays them well, and treats them with respect,

    want to be part of a company that respects each employees work-life balance and offers a schedule that suits you,

    like taking on new challenges and learning new things, and enjoy table tennis, pickleball, sports, games, or helping to make people happy,

    then please, read on!


Over the next two years, we are looking to add 11 fantastic people to our team. We believe that our customers, suppliers and partners are crucial to our growth and success, but that in order to work well with them, to truly surpass their expectations, to offer the best products at the best prices with the best service, our team must be composed of the very best people.


This has been our philosophy ever since we first started in this business over 25 years ago. In that time we have had the pleasure of working with many young people who have gone on to brilliant careers in other fields (lawyers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, national coaches, and many more). The time they spent with us was instrumental in their career development. But why take our word for it? See what they have to say!


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