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Sports Topspin is a sporting goods business specializing in table tennis, pickleball, indoor and outdoor sports and more!

Our mission is to offer a large variety of sports and leisure equipment of the highest value, including table tennis products, allowing everyone the opportunity to achieve their specific goals.


We are devoted to treating everyone with the utmost respect, honesty and integrity, while providing excellent service and expertise. We strive to continuously add to the advantages that we offer our valued customers.


We believe that our customers, suppliers and partners are crucial to our growth and success, but that in order to work well with them, to truly surpass their expectations, to offer the best products at the best prices with the best service, our team must be composed of the very best people. This has been our philosophy ever since we first started in this business over 25 years ago. In that time we have had the pleasure of working with many young people who have gone on to brilliant careers in other fields (lawyers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, national coaches, and many more). The time they spent with us was instrumental in their career development. But why take our word for it? See what they have to say! Read their testimonials below.


If you want to:

· Be part of a growing, dynamic and fun team

· Look forward to coming to work

· Be part of a company that values its people, pays them well, and treats them with respect

· Be part of a company that respects each employee's work-life balance and offers a schedule that suits you, like taking on new challenges and learning new things, and enjoy table tennis, Pickleball, sports, games, or helping to make people happy... then please, read on!

To apply, please send your CV to

We are actively seeking candidates who possess the following qualities:

· Hardworking, mature, reliable

· Versatile, resourceful, interested in learning, demonstrates a high level of common sense

· Autonomous, adaptable, motivated by challenges

· Able to work independently or as part of a team, and to both give and take directions

· Superior communication skills

· An excellent command of written and spoken English and French (bilingual)

· Well organized, with a detail-oriented mindset and a problem-solving attitude

· Ability to multi-task is absolutely necessary

· Punctual

· Likes to work with Excel, and is very good at it

· Table Tennis knowledge is a very important asset

· Has experience, expertise and demonstrates very good selling and customer service skills.


Position(s) available

JOB DESCRIPTION: Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Responsibilities and Duties

As the first line of contact, you will represent the company's mission and values in all dealings with our customers. You will provide excellent customer service and ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with their buying experience.

- Interacting with customers via phone calls, email and in our boutique.

- Entering all orders and preparing invoices.

- Opening and maintaining customer accounts by recording and updating account information and keeping accurate records of all customer communication.

- Providing assistance, advice, and product/service suggestions to our existing and potential customers.

- Requesting shipping quotes from freight carriers. - Investigating and solving customers' problems, resolving complaints, issuing refunds or compensation when applicable, and following up to ensure successful resolution.

- Constantly striving to improve the customer service experience, create engaged customers and facilitate the organic growth of our customer base.

- Other duties as requested


Qualifications and Skills

College diploma and five (5) years related experience

- or -

Bachelor's degree and one (1) year related experience

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

- Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel

- Highly developed analytical and problem-solving skills

- Ability to multitask

- Strong focus on the customer experienc



Very competitive salary and vacation allowance commensurate with qualifications and experience

Visit our websites to learn more: /


Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

Application deadline: 2021-05-17
Expected Start Date: 2021-06-01
Salary: $16.00-$22.00 per hour



JOB DESCRIPTION: Warehouse/Shipping Agent

Position summary:

- Under the direction of your immediate supervisor, you will perform duties related to receiving and shipping merchandise.

- You will ensure that all customer orders are picked, staged, loaded and shipped in a timely and accurate manner.


Key responsibilities include:

- Overseeing incoming and outgoing shipping activities, as well as inventory management and control.

- Receiving and verifying merchandise (assisting with unloading as necessary), accepting or returning merchandise according to established procedures, preparing related documents.

- Arranging for transportation that optimizes service and cost, conducting targeted analysis on transportation spend, identifying areas with improvement potential and recommending and implementing any changes.

- Maintaining storage area, organizing stock, picking and packing orders, handling customer pickups, and ensuring area is secure at all times.


Qualifications and requirements

- College diploma and two (2) years’ related experience

- Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel

- Must possess proven leadership experience

- Must be detail oriented; possess excellent leadership, organizational, problem solving, planning and implementation skills; and be able to meet project deadlines,

- Must possess the ability to effectively communicate (written and oral) at all levels within the organization and with outside customers and vendors.

- Table Tennis knowledge is a very important asset.

- An excellent command of written and spoken English and French (bilingual)


Successful candidates will receive:

Very competitive salary and vacation allowance commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Application Deadline: 2021-05-17

Expected Start Date: 2021-06-01

Visit our websites to learn more: /


Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

Application deadline: 2021-05-17
Expected Start Date: 2021-06-01
Salary: $13.50-$18.50 per hour






Sports Topspin, where remarkable people can develop and flourish even further.

I worked at Sports Topspin (formerly Banda Sports) for almost 2 years, and can now say that it was one of my most rewarding career experiences. Working for a growing SME allowed me the chance to experiment and learn entrepreneurial aspects that have served me throughout my career. Whether in sales, sponsorship negotiations, marketing or advertising, I was involved in many aspects of the company's success, and this was extremely rewarding… It was truly a wonderful learning experience, because the company offered me a great balance between the framework necessary for professional advancement and the freedom to try out strategies that I developed.


Today, I consider myself a true entrepreneur because I have my own flourishing business. It is certain that my entrepreneurial spirit, my drive to succeed and perform in business, is partly thanks to my time at Sports Topspin. My sincere thanks, Sports Topspin!


Benoit Racine

Co-owner and VP Business Development at Igloo Creations
Deputy Mayor, City of Temiscouata-sur-le-Lac
President, Fondation pour la persévérance scolaire du Fleuve-et-des-Lacs


Hello, My name is Thierry Verviers and I have worked as part of the team at Ping-Pong Depot for several years now. I would like to share what I like most about this company.


- The team spirit:

My favorite phrase that I hear from this team is, "Thanks for the catch," which is a baseball reference. If you make a mistake and someone notices, no one gets on your case. They notify you as soon as possible, and everyone works together to fix the error quickly. Then, the appropriate individuals will seek the cause of the error to prevent it happening again. And finally, you will receive a quick email to thank you for having discovered the error, and/or for fixing it.


- The freedom of ideas and working methods:

If you have an idea that could help the company, you tell it to the team and most of the time you will hear, “Good idea. Present us with a work plan and a timeline and let's go, c'mon!" You are free to work toward your idea using your own methods. It's the result that counts, not the work methods you use. And if they do not know the area in question, they will encourage you to get the necessary information and training. Being self-taught is respected and encouraged in this company.


This allows you to explore new areas and avoid monotony.


- Respect for your interests outside the company:

I have worked for Ping-Pong Depot for several years, but I'm also a professional table tennis coach. Ping-Pong Depot takes into account my position as a trainer and allows me to do my second job effectively and in a very professional way.


For example, if I am away competing for several days, they await my return to get certain jobs done. I'm in a period of intensive training, and I advise that I cannot complete a task in less than 36 hours, for example, they reply with, "No problem, do it as soon as you can."


- Relationship with the boss:

I have never had the impression of having a boss during my time at Ping-Ping Depot. Instead I feel as though I have fellow employees sitting in front of me.


An exchange of ideas and constructive criticism are part of everyday life. These people trust me and I trust them in return.


In conclusion, I would recommend Ping-Pong Depot to anyone who is self-taught, likes to explore, is not afraid of challenges and appreciates teamwork.


Thierry Verviers


“The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.”

John Ruskin


This is a quote that sums up the spirit in which we operate here at Ping-Pong Depot. Regardless of the area in which we work, a career with us is first and foremost to be part of a motivated team, in a stimulating and exciting environment.


 It is also a career that allows you to surpass yourself every day. There are no limits placed on your desire to move forward and your motivation to develop skills you never imagined you could have.


I personally had the opportunity to be part of this team for many years, and it allowed me among other things the chance to realize myself fully, to discover new interests, and especially to gain valuable experience that opened several new horizons. 


10 years later, after a strong entrepreneurial experience, I was once again invited to be part of a diverse and motivated team, with the opportunity to serve a sport that was my passion for many years, a few decades ago: table tennis.


Do you want to use your skills and talent within an exceptional work environment? Be part of a dynamic and motivated team? Acquire and develop new skills and abilities? Visit us and see the spirit in which we operate!


Yves Desjardins


I had the opportunity to work with Ping-Pong Depot during the summers while I was earning my bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. Thanks to the open-mindedness of my bosses I was welcomed as part of the team despite my not being able to work throughout the whole year. I gained experience in areas that were previously unfamiliar, such as selling, marketing, management and more. Thanks to my supervisors’ patience and excellent teaching abilities I learned to be comfortable performing tasks in these new areas. I also appreciated the fact that though I was under the supervision of a boss, I could manage my projects with great freedom because there was confidence in my work. Another exciting element to the job was that it allowed me to keep in close contact with the world of table tennis, the sport that has been the centre of my life since the age of 8.


Marie-Andrée Lévesque


After 3 years at Sports Topspin / Ping Pong Depot it is safe to say that this is the place to work if you are looking for a fast paced, challenging work environment that will push you to be your best self and deliver your best work time and time again. Regardless of the role you take on here, there is no settling back on your heels... it's a stay on your toes kind of world, filled with new objectives, new responsibilities and wonderful challenges. There is nothing monotonous about working at Sports Topspin / PPD. You will learn many new things, in areas that you don't necessarily have prior experience, which will allow you to grow and develop new skills. You will take on new roles and responsibilities, develop your problem solving, communication, multitasking and leadership skills with the support of your peers and boss. You are encouraged to try and learn new things throughout your time here, so a willingness to learn is essential to both your personal and professional growth. I look at each new skill I've acquired at ST/PPD as a new tool/asset that I've added to my development toolbox and use these throughout various aspects of my life.


Another important thing to highlight is the teamwork and support you feel from your colleagues. The "we are all in this together" sentiment comes across at all levels of the business and knowing that you are part of a group of people that genuinely care for one another, like a family, is a nice feeling to take home each day. The flexibility, understanding and willingness of the owners to help you find a healthy work/life balance is an added strength found at ST/PPD.


I'm glad to be part of this incredible team that pushes you to be better with each passing day. It's been a wonderful experience thus far and I look forward to many more years here. .


Sonia De Rose


After working for big pharma and other multinational companies, I wanted a change of scenery and to work for a smaller company, where employees are valued as individuals and not just a number in an HR file. I found all of this and more at Sports Topspin. Great team, great teamwork, fun workplace and the family-owned business vibe I was looking for. All in all, a great place to work at! .


Gonzalo Garcia Berzosa


I very much enjoyed working here. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. As I often tell my friends, many of whom do not like their job, I did not see the time passing when I worked here, and I got up every morning in a good mood because I love what I do here. I have worked here for about year and a half and the time has flown like an arrow!

I want to tell you I have not decided to change jobs because I do not like working here, but because I have always wanted to go into the public sector and my new position is a good first step towards my ultimate objective – that is to say, to work for the Bank of Canada.


I think Ping-Pong Depot is on a great path and has enormous potential in the future, and I would like to stay involved/contribute even if I am no longer here physically.


Finally, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work here!


Thank you,




Working for Sports Topspin helped me grow both professionally and personally. It was a privilege to be part of this team. The most interesting aspect was working in a stimulating environment where everyone is willing to help when needed, knowing that there is always room for growth and self-improvement, and keeping in touch with the world of table tennis!

The time spent here allowed me to develop my communication skills, my critical thinking and my leadership skills. I was given many projects and different tasks, including supervision, event planning, and working as part of a team. Regardless of the tasks delegated by my supervisor, I was always given the opportunity to self-evaluate, to challenge myself and to constantly push myself to improve. Over the years, the realization of these tasks helped me improve my ability to solve problems, work on communication in all its forms, and strengthen the leadership qualities I still apply every day in my current job.


I can confidently say that I am a better person because of my experiences at Sports Topspin, and I will always be grateful for all the learning opportunities and experiences, as well as the many friendships I forged over the years.


Lyne Desjardins


Sports Topsin is not only a great atmosphere to work at, but they also make their employees feel comfortable, valued and constantly involved within the company.


In the short time I have been here, I have had a great mentor who I can also call my boss. He is a great teacher, is very patient, and taught me to be more organized.


For someone who has never finished their schooling, he has given me the opportunity, and has opened the door for me, to gain more knowledge and better myself.


Jessica Zanforlin V.


Working at Ping-Pong Depot was for me an excellent experience in which I learned tremendously about many things in the business world. As a newcomer into the working environment, I was very worried about my lack of knowledge in marketing. I was soon presented with many challenges. I had many duties and responsibilities for which I had no prior experience. For example, here were some of my duties: managing our Amazon account; updating our website; contacting and taking orders from our agents; translating articles from French to English and vice versa; sponsorship for the Canadian Table Tennis Championship; increasing our image on search engines; taking pictures of our new products to post on our Facebook page; creating specials in cooperation with a graphic designer; selling products on other online marketplaces… and the list goes on. 


It was extremely interesting to learn all these new things and be challenged to reach the goals set by the company. I barely ever felt in a zone of comfort because I was given a great number of tasks that would take me months to complete, or duties in which I could always put more time and improve. In addition, I was often given challenges that by my own I would never dare to face; it made me much stronger and much more skillful in return.


Responsibilities were always clearly set by the employer. I learned to use a work planning that I had to constantly update. We often met with the boss to see the evolution of our tasks, clearly deciding for each of them what is its aim and what should be the next action to achieve the desired result. In general, I received highly positive encouragement and feedback. Even if I did not finish on time one of my tasks (and that often happened), my boss was showing patience and kept encouraging me.

I learned so much about how a business works. For example, after leaving Ping-Pong Depot I knew much more about shipping, specials, discounts and price setting. I knew how to use Excel for organizational purposes and Facebook for marketing purposes. I knew the basics of managing a selling website and an online store; updating the regular prices and specials, and adding new pictures and descriptions.


Working at Ping-Pong Depot pushed me to be very organized, improved my interpersonal skills and to made me become entrepreneurial and much more pro-active. I was always encouraged to be better and to do the most I could. Working at Ping-Pong Depot will make you learn and discover so many new things about the business world and it will always bring you new challenges. In addition, if you like table tennis, then the experience will be even more enjoyable as it is the equipment of the company. I grew considerably from working at Ping-Pong Depot and it gave me tools and habits that I can now use in my current job as an English teacher and all future jobs.


Pierre-Luc Hinse


To work at Sports Topspin is to work alongside a group of people who are engaged and passionate about their business, and who truly enjoy what they do. To me, this is a tremendously important factor in cultivating a great work environment. During my time at Sports Topspin I never had any doubt that my contributions were valued, my ideas were welcomed, and my position as part of the team was very much appreciated. A person would be hard pressed not to flourish in such a supportive environment. Not only did I learn a great deal, I also came away from my time at Sports Topspin with excellent confidence in myself and my abilities, and this has served me very well in all avenues of my life, both professional and otherwise.


Erica Mitchell


Working at Sports Topspin / Ping Pong Depot, formerly known as Banda Sports/Table Tennis Pioneers since 1999, continues to be a learning experience!  Its not a robotic environment. Using logic is an asset to do my job well.


I enjoy the diversity of my job.  From speaking to customers around the world,  to consulting with them about either their first professional custom made paddle or maybe just upgrading to a faster combination, to invoicing, to managing customer service dept., to bringing new ideas to the table and other various tasks. Sharing my knowledge, facing challenging tasks as well as having the opportunity to learn new tasks is what has kept me here for so long!



My experience as an employee at Ping Pong Depot... Wow! Whether it is selling, buying, or shipping, in a field that also encompasses my passion for table tennis, I couldn't ask for more. The team I work with, the atmosphere, my supervisor (Angie), the owners have all definitely contributed to my development and have also allowed me to bring my experiences and ideas to life.

Marc Lalonde


A great small team of very capable and helpful co-workers. The job is busy but never too stressful. The work is satisfying and always something else to learn. The management team is always about learning and growing and are very understanding and patient. The work environment is closer to a small family workplace than a stressful corporation. Before starting here, I thought there were just two types of ping pong paddles but was impressed with all the models and styles of ping pong equipment and we deal with other sports and merchandise too. We treat our customers well and they are all very nice to deal with and happy that we supply a diverse range of products at low prices. All in all, a very nice place to work!

Dave Maclellan


I have been working for Ping Pong Depot for almost 3 years now and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing team!! I started at Ping Pong Depot not knowing much about table tennis but with the help of my colleagues, understand it much better today. From the start, everyone has always been very patient and willing to lend a hand which made the learning process much easier. Over the years I have been given many responsibilities but today I am proud to say that they can all be completed due to the excellent training I was given.

Sandra Pasceri


I have worked at Ping-Pong Depot / Sports Topspin full-time for almost 2 years. For a year before that I was a part-time employee, and I also worked several more years as part of the sales team at the company booth during Quebec tournaments on the FTTQ table tennis circuit.


The work environment is truly exceptional. The employees are competent and intelligent; everyone works hard and this has a contagious effect on all employees. It is a very pleasant working environment and the work is motivating and challenging.


This company allows its employees to thrive by helping them realize their potential, because our employers are always listening and always do their very best to help when someone is faced with a problem.


Simon Bourassa